Platoon 22

Platoon 22 in a Frederick County Maryland based 501c3. Our missions is to raise awareness for the suicide epidemic facing our Warriors and First Responders, while providing empowerment via programming and research. We are very happy to announce two program offerings in Frederick County, Maryland. Veteran Services Coordinator. This is a new in-house advocate to help Veterans and First Responders navigate therapeutic services in our area and within the Veteran Affairs systems. The Platoon 22 Horse Experience. We are piloting our first program June 29 – July 1, 2018. This weekend retreat is designed to give 6 participants a place to connect to themselves, and, with the help of horses, connect to others. Designed for Combat Warriors and those who experience PTS, a variety of structured /unstructured activities will teach skills that can reduce symptoms of PTS and improve the lives of the participants. Relaxation/ Stress Reduction can also be found in fishing, yoga, massage, and more. And finally, our 2019 is to open our THE WARRIOR PLACE. A safe haven located in the heart of Frederick. We are working on a new partnership that will offer therapeutic counseling and walk-in services for our Warriors/Frist Responders in need.

Danny Farrar
Safe Haven for Heroes