Not One More

Not One More is a product of our communities coming together out of frustration, sorrow, hope, and passion for change against addiction. The journey of Not One More began in January 2012 after a couple of family’s lost their children to a heroin-related accident and recognized the need for change in the Ventura County area. Since 2012, Not One More has increased to 14 independent chapters throughout the United States. Our volunteers and supporters have been touched in one way or another by this epidemic of addiction. Together they are working hard to spread the word and help all lost spirits and grieving hearts in the Community. Addiction has no discrimination, and can happen to anybody, in any walk of life. Helping young people and parents understand the gravity of this disease is the biggest goal of Not One More. We strive to make our cities safe for our children, families, and neighbors so that they will not experience the death and Destruction of this disease can cause.

Pat Montoya
Change Against Addiction