Multiple Sclerosis South Canterbury

MS South Canterbury has been supporting people with MS and their families for over 50 years. MS South Canterbury is one of 18 regional Societies throughout the Country that are divided into 4 clusters areas. South Canterbury is in the ‘Bottom of the South’ cluster with Otago and Southland. MSNZ has it’s office in Christchurch and is Governed by an Executive Board made up of Representatives from each cluster. Our Mission is to advocate for people with MS and their families and to have access to first world treatment, resources, and up to date information. To reduce the burden of MS on those diagnosed, their families and carers. In South Canterbury we have over 100 people with MS that we support. We employ a Fieldworker and a part-time Administrator. We only receive $7,000 a year from Ministry Of Health to provide information in the form of Newsletters and brochures, the rest of our operating costs we have to fundraise for. Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disease with no cure and medication is administered to ease the lives of those with the disease.

Craig Cooper
Supporting Those With MS