Motor 4 Toys

It started last out at a local coffee shop with some car clubs willing to participate. The shop’s manager, along with a couple other flapjacks, thought they’d put on a little car show and toy drive. Then they did it again. The event grew, more cars came and the piles of toys collected grew larger. Fifteen years later, the event has become well known and Motor4Toys reaches almost 50,000 children every year. The increase in requests drives us to expand each year. Motor4Toys started because the need was there. Kids should be allowed to be kids and nothing is more memorable during the holidays than getting a toy. For some kids that can’t happen. Playing must be a part of life. A child’s situation is not of their making. That’s up to some grownup somewhere. We all have our story telling why we’re drawn to this. We are dedicated to a simple idea of helping as many kids as possible. “All this shall be done without personal gain, absolutely no one making any money, and with a great measure of fun.” Motor4Toys is very proud of the fact that 100% of what comes in goes to fulfill our mission.

Dustin Troyan
Joy Through Toys

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