Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

The Earth Organization (TEO), was founded in 2003 by world-renowned conservationist and humanitarian, Dr. Lawrence Anthony (“the Elephant Whisperer”), and Barbara Wiseman (international management consultant). The formation of this environmental non-profit was inspired by: 1) his remarkable rescue initiative of the animals and staff in the Baghdad Zoo during the Iraq War; 2) his extraordinary rehabilitation of traumatized, wild elephants on his wildlife preserve in South Africa; and 3) their driving motivation to bring about a healthier, safer world for all life. Dedicated to finding and implementing long-term solutions to large- scale problems impacting the natural world, the organization finds answers that benefit all stakeholders (animals, people, businesses, jobs, environment, economy). Using science-backed research, the organization works through hands-on projects and educational programs to help re-create a healthy, thriving planet for all life. TEO has 26 chapters in 19 countries. The U.S. chapter has focused primarily on solutions-based education. Just some examples are a) educating oil industry executives and government regulators about non-toxic spill cleanup solutions, and b) teaching children how to find solutions that benefit not just themselves, but their family, friends, school, and the natural world around them. We work with all people of goodwill.

Barbara Wiseman
A Healthier, Safer World For All Life