K.I.D.S. CuddleKit Closet

K.I.D.S. CuddleKit Closet has served thousands of children in need of kindness. We have three programs that spread kindness to youth in the Yuma area. The Pediatric CuddleKit program ensures every child admitted into the pediatric unit at YRMC receives a comfort kit. The School CuddleKit program serves all Yuma area schools. School personnel refer children in need of kindness for any reason including but not limited to poverty, illness, divorce, bullying, etc… As part of our school program, we host Kindness Makes A Difference in December where 300 children referred from 30 area schools are treated to an over-the-top fun day filled with kindness! Our third program is our KIDS Helping K.I.D.S. Youth Board. Children ages 5th grade through high school serve on a board that encourages children in the county to complete kindness projects. The youth board funds these projects as well as promotes them. In addition, the youth board takes on kindness projects themselves, such as creating a new space for children to relax at the Family Shelter. Every program includes a pay it forward piece so the children feel the benefit of giving back as well as being on the receiving end of kindness.

Kristan Sheppeard
Spreading Kindness

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