Journey 4 A Cure

Childhood cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease for kids in the U.S., and the incidence of childhood cancer continues to rise. Journey4ACure is a small pediatric cancer organization, all volunteer with no paid employees, with a mission to support: 1. Research – We support Dr. Michael Jensen’s immunotherapy research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This research has a goal to provide less invasive, less harmful treatments for children battling cancer. While cancer treatment for adults is a multi-billion dollar market that attracts big investment, childhood cancer doesn’t receive this kind of attention or funding and relies on philanthropy to fund research. 2. Kids – We aim to enhance the lives of kids battling cancer through our iPad program.  Kids battling cancer spend long days and nights in hospitals, often in isolation, treatment, away from school, friends and family. The iPad program facilitates communication, entertains kids, helps them stay on track at school and best of all brings joy and smiles to these brave kids. 3. Awareness – We have a goal to create awareness about the lack of funding for childhood cancer research.  We believe that awareness=funding=research=cures!  We fight to make childhood cancer research a national priority!

Donna Carmical
Fighting Kid's Cancer

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