Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation, INC.

SUID (SIDS and sleep related accidental deaths) is the number one cause of death of our infants in the Idaho! Research shows 90% of these deaths are preventable accidents. Because of these heart- breaking statistics, they are dedicated to educating the public on safe infant sleep practices, bringing awareness to SIDS/SUID and providing emotional support to those who have suffered a pregnancy, infant or child loss. Proud moments from 2017: 2,447 hours of Safe Sleep Education provided, 71 “Safe Sleep 101” trainings provided in 14 cities, 655 professionals such as doctors, nurses, teachers and childcare providers educated, 29,850 prevention education materials distributed, Partnered with Coeur d’Alene Fire Department and EMS Services of Kootenai County to launch our Public Safety Initiative which included placing 16” x 16” ABC’s of Safe Sleep decals on 16 Kootenai County ambulances, distributed 103 cribs to families in need of a safe place for their baby to sleep, supported 183 families suffering a pregnancy, infant or child loss, they are the sole organization in Idaho focused on this life-saving mission and rely 100% on private grants and donations as they do not receive any county, state or federal funding. It is their mission to ensure every baby born in ID will have equal opportunity to reach their 1st birthday.

Liz Montgomery
Hope and Healing For The Young

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