Help Us Grow Strong

HUGS (Help Us Grow Strong) is a Prince William based, totally volunteer, nonprofit organization started in 2015 to help our unsheltered population living in tent communities. We provide, through donations, a weekly outreach at two locations in our county: Woodbridge and Manassas. Volunteers sign up to bring a hot meal, provide other supplies, like nonperishable food, body wipes, water, blankets, which assist survival outside, or offer friendly conversation. Many of our able bodied folk look for work or work- sometimes 2 or more jobs, but PWC lacks sufficient affordable housing. Tent living is difficult, expensive, unhealthy and dangerous. HUGS envisions building a self-sufficient, tiny house community following Housing First methods. Here our unsheltered friends can be safe, heal and grow while also receiving individual, wrap-around services including mental health, job training and substance abuse counseling. This method has been extremely successful in other parts of the country to combat the social ill of homelessness. Tiny house communities are innovative, affordable and benefits the community at large. It allows for reintegration of fellow citizens that for too long have been ignored, forgotten or bullied. PEOPLE DO NOT BELONG ON THE GROUND!

Annemarie Landry
Strength To The Homeless

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