Harbor House

Established in 1984, Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs began as a county-administered program offering safe shelter and basic crisis services to domestic abuse victims. From these humble beginnings, we expanded to a 55-bed shelter facility with 24-hour emergency services and a wide range of programming for families affected by domestic violence. We partner with a number of likeminded community organizations, allowing us to expand our operational capacity beyond what can do on our own. Through collaborations and special projects that draw on each other’s strengths, we’ve worked to better address the needs and increase the self-sufficiency of domestic abuse victims and survivors in our area. Harbor House receives funding from a variety of sources. It is our goal to use this funding to create the greatest value for survivors of domestic abuse. Our annual reports provide information on where funding comes from and how we turn that support into programming – and ultimately outcomes – for individuals and families affected by domestic abuse.

Jenny Krikava
The Greatest Value for Survivors