Go Bananas

Go Bananas is a nonprofit organization providing support to individuals with special needs and their families by providing; Online Support Group, Educational Seminars, Special Events, Advocacy and Connection to the Community. We believe that every person is deserving of dignity and our focus is on building a positive community that welcomes all families regardless of their disability or age. We are committed to spreading awareness, breaking down barriers and connecting families to the information and support they need to fully connect to each other and the world. While it is true we are all those things what we are most is family. When our children get their diagnosis we are there with resources, when they struggle in school we are there with advocacy, when they speak their first word at 10 we are there celebrating, when they are bullied we are their with friendships and when our children pass away we are there to mourn. Go Bananas is the family every special need family needs.

Julia Rogoff
Special Needs Support

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