Giraffe Laugh Early Learning Centers

Giraffe Laugh Early Learning Centers provide early childhood education and nurturing to 210 children daily by ensuring school readiness, empowering families and building strong futures. Giraffe Laugh consists of four childcare and preschool centers that provide love and education for children 6 weeks to 5 years while their parents go to work or school. One of the four locations is at a high school for pregnant and parenting teens where the babies start at ten days old so their moms can get back to class as quickly as possible. Parents as young as 14 years old are empowered. Homeless parents are uplifted. Foster parents are supported. All parents and families are strengthened because we invest in prevention. Food pantries at each site, 3 meals a day and scholarships that makes it possible for anyone to attend a quality, star rated center is what sets us apart. Educational justice for all children is the goal while moving the dial on kindergarten readiness, especially for children living in poverty. The brain is 25% developed at birth and 90% developed by the time it is five. Giraffe Laugh believes that every child deserves a great start and is worthy of a wonderful life.

Lori Fascilla
Educational Justice For All