Cody’s Friends For Fire Safety


The mission of Cody’s Friends for Fire Safety is to educate and empower people to make their safety a priority. Hi, My name is Cody. That is short for Fire Code Inspector. I am the Founder of Cody’s Friends for Fire Safety and a retired Eugene Springfield Fire Dog. Greatest job in the world! I was destined to be a Fire Dog. My human mom, grandpa and great grandpa are all part of the fire service. The fact that I am white with black spots might have helped too. Now that I am retired, I have turned the teaching reigns over to my lil brother Casey (short for Arson Case Investigator). He is continuing in my pawprints to teach kids of all ages what to do in the event of an emergency! The success of our work depends on help from our Friends for Fire Safety.  Our joint effort provides fire safety materials, presentations to demonstrate these potentially life-saving messages and increases the fire and life safety awareness in our community. Quick thinking and appropriate action can make all the difference in the world when seconds count!  Who knows, the life saved may be yours…

Amy Linder
Empowering Through Education to Make Fire Safety a Priority

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