Child & Family Services of Yuma, Inc.

Child & Family Services of Yuma, Inc. (CFSY) has been serving the community since 1979. CFSY is an outpatient counseling program for children and their families. CFSY offers out-patient therapy and in-home support services to assist families in need. Our newest program, Right Turn for Yuma Veterans (RTYV), is a long-term (up to 24 months) transitional housing program for homeless veterans. Since its opening in 2014, RTYV has been providing up to six males homeless, or at-risk of being homeless, veterans with not just a roof over their head, but the support system necessary to live independently within their community. Right Turn focuses on the individual goals of each unique veteran. We provide mental health counseling, case coordination, transportation, and life coaching in the areas of healthy living and financial planning, as well as job seeking skills. Since our opening, RTYV has served 56 homeless veterans with an average length of stay between 8-11 months. With the Right Turn for Yuma Veterans Program, veterans identify and address the problems they must resolve in order to become an independent and contributing member of society once again.

Judy Smith
Taking the Right Turn