Center4SpecialNeeds is a 501c3 non–profit corporation founded in 2011. Our Goal is to bring HOPE to families, children and young adults with special needs! We are the only provider or agency in our county and many others that offers partial & full scholarships and other funding, in order  for  parents to provide their developmentally challenged children with opportunities to access programs, necessary treatments and interventions in order to thrive and become all that they can be! Center4SpecialNeeds continues their mission: To provide on- site therapeutic services and programs for individuals with special needs. To provide financial support for families who have children and young adults with developmental disabilities in order to access a variety of services and interventions. To offer a monthly Mom’s and Dad’s night out & a monthly Mom’s coffee to all special needs parents regardless of age or disability. To offer educational workshops to families who have children with special needs. To offer networking opportunities through email for families with special needs children to connect. To provide a comprehensive website to quickly and easily bring much–needed resources to families. To increase awareness and understanding within the general population through advocacy and community partnerships.

Gina Peters
Hope To Those With Special Needs