Amberly’s Place

Amberly’s Place Family Advocacy Center is  a non-profit  that  provides help and support to victims of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and elder abuse. Crisis advocates respond on-scene or at the Center  to help  victims  from the moment the report is made. No one chooses to be a victim and support is desperately needed by those who are victimized. That support can range  from emotional support, comfort, empathy  for the victim and family to explaining the criminal justice system and escorting them through it. When a community steps up and helps with the emergency needs of a victim and their family the shame and stigma start to go away. Victims feel cared for and believed in their community and can start to heal. Amberly’s Place has been part of this healing process for over 16 years. Will you please join us?

Diane Umphress
Support To Victims Of Abuse