The Hero’s Journey.

“Impact Venture Capitalists!”

Morning Team…

Have you ever thought about “The Story” that you want to live? I use to think I didn’t have much control over my life. Then, something changed. My life is a story. And me? I’m the Character. And my conscious decisions, based on the Story I want to live, is the Writer that is crafting that story.


Do I want to be Howard Hughes at the end of his life, or do I want to be Braveheart? Do I want to be the person who empowers others, or do I want to be the victim? Do I want to be the Character who acts, chooses, and sacrifices to build the epic vision he sees in his head, or do I want to complain? …

About my financial circumstance, my crappy job, and my undeserving boss?

Like I said, I came to this realization some years back: I am the Character in my life’s Story. I am the Writer, through my conscious decisions. And with this power, I am able to craft my Hero’s Journey.

Struggling and frustrated. The decision to solve that pain.

A journey of unexpected twists.

Lessons learned.

Ending in Transformation of my Character, and thus, my Life.

I was reminded of this yesterday, when I got an email from a client of mine. He is also a good friend, as most of my clients are. Most of my clients are like brothers and sisters to me, family members. That may sound strange, but I teach story. And through story, and sharing story, you connect deeply. That is the fundamental power of story, so it makes total sense…

But life for this individual, has been tough as of recent. He lost his brother unexpectedly just a few months ago. They were very close. In the weeks that followed, he found himself holed up in depression. Where without motivation, his finances suffered. Which is what led him to ask me for a financial favor.

I replied to him:


Hey brother, good to hear from you, always enjoy it. Especially your most recent communications about your passion and drive to develop as a storyteller. That said, the core principle that I operate by, so that I must never choose favorites amongst P/SS members or make special exceptions is this: “If I can’t or won’t do it for all, then I can’t do it for one.”

As you can imagine, since this is real estate, many (from time to time) have hard months, if I refunded payments or allowed folks to put their memberships on hold each time that was the case – 1) I couldn’t operate my business/PSS Program/Impact Club (pay my employees, tech team, etc) as I need to, to continually able to invest in new innovation. And 2) I’d be violating a core principle of mine, which I value most, the art of sacrifice to do whatever it takes.

Had you started writing and being involved in the community, heavily, when you started back in April – you might not be in this financial position.

Maybe you would be, I don’t know.

That was your choice, though. And this is your outcome. But this is a teaching point. What makes a great story great are the “high stakes” choices, that the character makes, when he in put in defining moments. These moments, the hardships of Life, are the trigger-event moments that ultimately lead the Character to transformation. The hardest part of crafting a great story, though, is: Those “high stakes,” at the time, never seem like a “high stakes” decision.

But then the decision to do, or not to do, comes back to “test you!!”

[I said to him]

Right now, you’re in the middle of an epic tale. The Hero’s Journey. To live it epically, your Character must rise to the occasion and adopt the “art of sacrifice – to do whatever it takes” mindset.

I am fascinated to see and hear how it plays out. The only person who can save us, from us, is us…

Now take your sword and fight.


From my response, it should be obvious. I don’t believe in giving people money. I believe in making people fight for money. Just as I believe people should fight for love. And friendship. And to make their mark on the world.

If I bailed this person out, what lesson would his Character have learned?


But this way, through reminding him – he has the power to Write his Character’s story – he responded:


Thank you Ryan, I couldn’t ask for more.

And thanks for reminding me, even after losing most everything that mattered to me I still have my sword, and my army of support here.


This is why, when I speak to the charitable founders who present at Impact Club, or to new members who recently joined us – I try to make it clear: The Money donated to the winning local charity is the least valuable gift that Impact Club gives. The real gift of Impact Club, is to help local charities to realize that they have a Sword, and to remind them that they need to Sharpen it…

And finally, that they have an Army behind them.

Money – comes and goes.

The Character of the Fighter – Does Not.

Just ask any of the many Veterans whom we celebrated this past Saturday.


Co-Founder, Impact Club

PS: Between Monday and Tuesday, this past week, Impact Club members committed donations of $37,500 to fund three winning StoryEngines. Nice work team! Below is a write-up from Eric Verdi, co-founder, Impact Club Frederick.



From Eric Verdi – Impact Club Frederick (Year one, update)


On Tuesday November 14th we hosted the 4th Quarter Impact Club at our partner facility, The Blue Side Tavern, in downtown Frederick. The night, it was ELECTRIC!!!

There was something special in the room this evening. A sense of community, a sense of camaraderie, a sense of a greater purpose.

When we started back on February 22nd we weren’t quite sure where this would lead. People came and they were excited, but they weren’t quite sure how to act and how to interact with one another. Remember in Middle School, where there were groups of 4-5 people and those kids all stuck together and didn’t talk to anyone else. They didn’t know the people that weren’t in ‘their group’ and they all kind of stuck together.

That was Impact Club Frederick at the first event.

Even though the donation to Heartly House was incredible at $18,200 and by the end of the night when the check was presented to them the walls between the groups started to break down and we started to become one.

This time, you could sense it from the beginning as members poured into The Blue Side, that the members had ‘broken down the walls’ and new friendships and relationships have formed throughout the 4 events this year. There were hugs, handshakes, meaningful conversations between people who didn’t know each other before Impact Club.

That is the power of the community of the Impact Club.

We meet once a Quarter and have a MASSIVE impact with one local charity, but more than that we hang on every word of all 3 charities that present. We get to hear their Story. We become emotionally attached to ALL 3 of the presenters and their respective charities. At the end of the night, yes one charity has a great donation, but all 3 have shared their Story with 265 friends.

The common theme between Impact Club members is a purpose to something greater than themselves. And those walls, those barriers between the different groups, once you come into the Impact Club is broken down.

We are all ONE.

We are for a common purpose of doing good and making an impact in Frederick. And we… you are doing just that. Nearly $100,000 has directly affected THOUSANDS of those in need in Frederick and for that, I THANK YOU!!!

See you in February!!!


Well said, Eric.

Congratulations Team!


Upcoming Impact Club dates:

Dec 6th – Impact Club Boise (ID – 3rd Event)

Dec 7th – Impact Club Coeur d’Alene (ID – 2nd Event)

Dec 11th – Impact Club Wilmington (NC – 2nd Event)

Jan 11th – Impact Club Union City (CA – 3rd Event)

More announced soon…

By the end of 2017, we will have raised close to million+ to fund local charities.

-Ryan Fletcher

Co-Founder, Impact Club – forever Grateful.

PS: Encourage everyone you know to learn the Language of Story. If they do, life, business, fundraising, relationships, the attraction of opportunity, clients, money, love, etc. will be much easier for them.

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