It’s Here!

Hello Team,

“Impact Venture Capitalists!”

I write you from a cold, not-heated coffee shop, nestled back in a small neighborhood in Vancouver, WA. It’s cold here. The coffee shop is all glass, and every three to four minutes, I have to stop typing to warm, as my Dad calls them, “baby fingers.” He worked in construction his entire life.

I, on the other hand, type for a living. In terms of toughness, he’s got man hands. I’ve got child hands. I’ve come to accept that reality. And hey, I’m alright with that – especially when I’m able to document the type of Impact that you all, through Impact Club, continue to make each day.

Let’s get it started.


December 19th was the first ever Impact Club event, and boy was it a good one. Sloper and I did our best to spark the fire, but it was all of you who fanned the flames, gently at first, then more aggressively as the fire started to roar, that made our $11,200 donation possible, the night of the Event.

Take a peek at the video, incredible:

Right behind this one, my videographer is working on three more. Each one will spotlight the story of each presenting charity: Steven Liga of ACTS, Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle with The Good News Community Kitchen, and Tom Mitchell with Stillbrave: Childhood Cancer Foundation.

And here’s the thing.Click that link to that video. Look at how many times that video has been shared.

As I type this: 38 times.

Which as led to more than 1,500 video views. That’s 1,500 people that have been exposed to the message of Impact Club. And see, what many don’t understand is the power we have as a community, to bring awareness. It only takes 100 people in a local community, to send something viral.

For each of the three mini-documentaries to come – I hope we can do that for Steven, Mercedes and Tom. Not so much for them, specifically, but for the people (children, families, cancer fighters) who benefit from their work.

Be proud of what we have accomplished, but also realize, this is just the beginning. The most powerful weapon we can wield is our voice.

Story Engine + Impact Club = Viral awareness.



With our Temecula, CA partner, Josh Painter – on December 28th, we announced the launch of the 2nd Impact Club. The response, like in Northern VA, has been off the charts incredible.

Folks, good people exist.

Don’t believe the media. It’s not all bad, ugly and dark out there. We are the light. People want to inspire and BE inspired. They want to give back. They want to do good. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Look at these comments:

“Anyone who knows me knows I love life and enjoy life to its maximum! That being said those truly know me know my core has always been to give back to those that need me, especially when they have lost a child! My heart is made to help others that are in need! It should come to no surprise that I am jointing a movement with Josh Painter and Impact Club! Josh has a heart to want to help others like I do! If you want to be apart of a great movement here in Temecula please watch video below and join the movement! Life truly is about giving back!”


“PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO! I just signed up for this ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Club right now and look forward to giving back and being a part of this group! I’m so proud to be associated with such incredible people like Josh Painter and others who are willing to go out of their way to make an impact in their community to work collectively to do something significant for others through charities! THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!!! Such an awesome opportunity to give back and make a difference! LET’S DO THIS FOLKS!”


“Hello friends! As most of you know, giving back to the community is something I have a true passion for. I am sharing this with you in hopes that you also share my passion for helps others. January 26th, 6:30pm,at Ballast Point, right here in Temecula, we are launching an amazing event that will make an IMPACT in our local community! Please check out this video, read this post, and lets come together to make an IMPACT on local families and kids for years to come!”


Just know, folks, good people exist!

And that is what Impact Club is about, building a community of those people, Impact Venture Capitalists, who don’t just talk about doing good, making Impact, but actually put the effort in to do it.

Their efforts in just 2 days, has produced 65 new Impact Club members. That means, if Impact Club Temecula met today, they’d donate a check for $6,500 to one of three great local charities. And over the next 12-months, will donate $26,000 to directly Impact the local community.

The good news?

Painter and crew – their first event isn’t until January 26th. Their first Impact Club event may very well end in a donation that is larger than $20,000. Painter has already started to look for a larger venue.


Northern VA Impact Club

Don’t talk to Sloper about this. You’ll hear an epic rant, with greater intensity and more detail than you may have bargained for. But in essence, to him, the local news media no longer exists. They’re dead to him. 🙂

The night of the event, a reporter from the Washington Post was supposed to attend and cover the Story of Impact Club. But 10 minutes prior to the start, in comes an email stating he won’t be able to attend.

Sloper also reached out to his past contacts in other local media, as they previously did to him, when they want to cover a story, regarding something that he was doing, that interested them.

Their response, when he reached out, “No thanks.”

I guess since Impact Club isn’t about death, politics, controversy, muggings, shootings, being ripped off, scammed, cheated, all the worst of human behavior – what gets ratings – I guess to them it’s not worth covering.

But I dare you, to again watch that mini-documentary and tell it’s not newsworthy. To me, if that’s not newsworthy, then what is? That’s ok, though, because together – We’re our own distribution channel.

Oh, the power of Social Sharing and Facebook.


I am still working with the development team to get the back-end of the Impact Club Member Portal built out. As with every tech, common wisdom is, “It’ll takes 3X longer, and cost 3X more than expected.

Right now, we’re not that far beyond schedule, but the cost is definitely climbing. Which is ok, because I believe in the Impact that every one of you are having on the people you inspire and reach.

Impact Club is our baby and I know once I get it built, you’ll do your part to take care of it – in February, we’ll be back on the east coast in Frederick, MD, where Eric Verdi will be launching the 3rd Impact Club.

In 2017, it’s still our goal to launch in 100+ local communities.

If we’re able to pull that off, with just 100 members, on average, in each of those Impact Clubs – together – we will have raised a grand total, donated to local charities, more than $4 million.

Oo-rah! Spartan Army!


It won’t happen on its own.

For 2017 to be an incredible year for you, you’ll have to make it happen. It will require grit and perseverance. It will require work. Effort. The proverbial blood, sweat, tears. And even that may not be enough. Because benchmarks and goals are elusive. Your business might not grow as big as you wished.

Etc. Etc. Etc…

But through it all, there will be three constants.



And your Relationships.

In 2017, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong. Because weak people never ask for help, they’re too insecure and believe people will be judging them.

The Impact Venture Capitalist, though – we run in packs!

Keep inspiring others,

-Ryan Fletcher

Co-Founder, Impact Club – forever Grateful.

PS: Encourage everyone you know to learn the language of story. If they do, life, business, fundraising, relationships, the attraction of opportunity, clients, money, love, etc. will be much easier for them.

About IC

Impact Club® is Crossfit® for those who want to make a difference. We are Impact Venture Capitalists. There are local and national leaderboards. We compete. We use our intelligence, connections, propensity to solve problems, committed hearts, and unrelenting conviction to turn small donations into huge impact.