ImpactClub® Virtual Donates: $9,400

Through ImpactClub®, as Impact Venture Capitalists, we invest heavily in local charities that demonstrate a powerful “Story Engine,” and, have proven their willingness to fight for their cause – by competing in and winning, a high-stakes competition. As a result, ImpactClub®, through Impact Venture Capitalism, has dramatically multiplied the Impact that a single person can have on charities in their local community.

The Charities

Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home
Paula Rivadeneira
Rescuing Family

Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue founded to give geriatric, special needs, and hospice animals a dignified end of life surrounded by love. It’s hard to imagine, but many animals are abandoned in their old age because they require more intensive care and are no longer playful. At Old Souls, we seek out these animals, particularly those who are within weeks or months of going to the Rainbow Bridge.

Ignite Academy Inc.
Jessica Serrano
Engage and Inspire

He was an administrator in an inner city charter school in Indiana. I was a teacher in a public elementary school in Florida. And after years of working in schools with hundreds of different learners, we both saw a need in education that went beyond our classroom walls. Kids were bored. Kids were just another product on an academic assembly line, spending over 12,000 hours in a classroom before exiting with a diploma.

Saddles of Joy, Inc.
Paula Snook
Positive Ridership

Saddles of Joy, Inc. is a non-profit providing an equine therapeutic riding program that serves special needs children, their families and the community. Our mission is to provide all those who come to us with a healthy learning environment that contributes to healing the body, mind, and spirit. It is our desire to educate the community and/or any interested party to the therapeutic value of horse and rider.