South Canterbury Donates: $4,200

Through ImpactClub®, as Impact Venture Capitalists, we invest heavily in local charities that demonstrate a powerful “Story Engine,” and, have proven their willingness to fight for their cause – by competing in and winning, a high-stakes competition. As a result, ImpactClub®, through Impact Venture Capitalism, has dramatically multiplied the Impact that a single person can have on charities in their local community.

The Charities

Mid and South Canterbury Women's Refuge
Janet Lorimer
Unrestricted Support and Healing

We have been delivering services to our clients in our area for 30 years.  We are primarily based in Timaru but are responsible for the geographical areas of the McKenzie District, North Otago, South and Mid-Canterbury. We are currently partially contracted by the MSD and the MOJ to provide 24 hour, 7 days safe emergency housing, 24 hour, 7 days access to crisis line, DVA approved Individual and group programmes for adults, children and young people victims of DV.

St. John Ambulance
George Clicquot
A Dedication to Health and Service

From the very beginning, St John has always been there for the New Zealand community, helping those in need, no matter where they are. While most people know St John for its emergency ambulance service, the organisation has strong ties with the local communities in New Zealand, too, with a variety of programmes and initiatives designed to enhance people’s lives and help work towards better health outcomes for everyone in the local community, be it urban or rural.

Salvation Army Timaru
Jacob Howan
Caring, Transforming, Reforming

The Salvation Army in Timaru is the local Corps (branch) of an international movement spanning 135 countries. We are a part of the Christian Church, expressing our faith through a balance of spiritual and social programmes. Our mission is to care for people, transform lives, and reform society. Our work in South Canterbury spans welfare support, for example our foodbank; one-to-one support; anger education; life skills; financial mentoring, etc.