Eugene Donates $10,000

Through ImpactClub®, as Impact Venture Capitalists, we invest heavily in local charities that demonstrate a powerful “Story Engine” and have proven their willingness to fight for their cause – by competing in and winning a high-stakes competition. As a result, ImpactClub®, through Impact Venture Capitalism, has dramatically multiplied the Impact that a single person can have on charities in their local community.

The Charities

Oregon Horse Rescue
David Kelly
Saving the horses!

Oregon Horse Rescue began when founders Jane and David Kelly found an ad online for a white draft horse named Kate Sue. The horse was so badly neglected– starved and hundreds of pounds underweight with her ribs and spine protruding– that the local vets didn’t think she was worth saving.

School Garden Project of Lane County
Mindy Bell
Healthy eating

School Garden Project of Lane County delivers Science in the Garden educational programs to 1,500 students in 19 local schools. In addition to teaching science lessons through fun activities in our garden classroom, our students learn the basics of gardening and growing their own food.

Healthy Moves
Denise Thomas
Kids Health

We’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of kids through physical activity at school. And when kids are more active with their bodies, they’re healthier, they’re better students, and they’re happier human beings.