Youth Development
Jennifer O'Farrell | Changing Futures
Jimmy Pierce | Stay In School
Stacey Scott | Support, Community, and Growth
Karla Guerin | Every Child Can Overcome Any Obstacle
Rebecca Smith | Math Is Cool
Jennifer Alban | Self-Esteem & Teamwork
Mary Lockton | Quality for Kids
Denise Babjak | Making Dreams Reality
Shannon Pimm | Inclusion for All
Mandy Perhay | Making A Difference
Sinead Chilton | Education for Every Child
C'Nedra Ridenour | Dreaming Big
Kenneth Beebe | Adventuring On To New Horizons
Angie Hill | Serving the Children of Our Community
Patricia Schulz | Achieve With Us
Josh Headrick | Stewardship and Love
Anne Shroeder | Sanctuary for All
Kitzya Leal Quintero | Every Day Is A Treasure
Kerri Apple | The Value of Real Love
Cindy Warren | For the Love of the Game
Ryan Davis | Strengthening Youth Through Fun
Ray King | Educate & Inspire to Make Positive Body Choices
Stephen Wills | Excellence in Sports Develops Excellence in Life
Brandon Smith | Engagement, Environment, and Safety
William Akins | Fun & Health For All
Atiba Johnson | Fighting For Youth
Kelly Hicks | A Youthful Second Home