Community Engagement
Donna Kovaleski | Cultural Integration
Kara Norman | Community Engagement
Jimmy Hallyburton | Community Bicycle Program
Cory Rodriguez | Veterans' Support
Pat Baker | Child Development
Jeff Middleton | Substance Abuse Recovery
Spencer Daniels | Community Support
Riley Yake | Developing Math Skills
Tara | Music as Therapy
Jennifer Brown | Helping schools
Britt Thurman | Preserving our History
Shanna Marshall | Children's education
Sally Crockett | Breaking Barriers
Gail Cicak | Research-based Parenting
Alissa Magrum | Safety & Drowning Prevention
Britt Thurman | Preserving Local History
Angie Hill | Youth Development
Christal Endler | experiential opportunities for children
Miriam Clark | Kids Community Service
Tristan Hite | Children Advocates
Jennie Parkinson | A Safe Space
Marisa Tordella | Helping Women
Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle | Strengthening Communities
Kara Norman | Support Local Businesses
Jessica Ahrenholtz | Skills Development
Dan Buckwald | Helping Veterans
Jewelz Becraft | Community Youth Support
Melissa Golden | Raising Awareness
Anna Day | Mental & Behavioral Health
Erin Gomez | Providing Relief to Families
Cindy Wood | Sheltering Families
Laurie Aikins | Supporting Athletes
Jeremy Hardy | Empowering Those in Need
Barbara Thompson | Building a Heritage Center
Jim Evangelista | An alternative approach to education