Community Engagement
Miriam Clark | Kids Community Service
Tristan Hite | Children Advocates
Jennie Parkinson | A Safe Space
Marisa Tordella | Helping Women
Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle | Strengthening Communities
Kara Norman | Support Local Businesses
Jessica Ahrenholtz | Skills Development
Dan Buckwald | Helping Veterans
Jewelz Becraft | Community Youth Support
Melissa Golden | Raising Awareness
Anna Day | Mental & Behavioral Health
Erin Gomez | Providing Relief to Families
Cindy Wood | Sheltering Families
Laurie Aikins | Supporting Athletes
Jeremy Hardy | Empowering Those in Need
Barbara Thompson | Building a Heritage Center
Jim Evangelista | An alternative approach to education
Joy Ingram | Empowering Students
Paula Lyon | Providing to Causes
Shelley Aloi | Building Strong Relationships
Hermine Bernstein | Fighting Childhood Hunger
Robin Britt | Stronger Together
Carolyn Cooper | Family Support Services
Wayne Dorsey | Drink Responsibly
Aaron Vetter | Family Empowerment
Jack Lillard | Creating Everlasting Memories
Bethany Miller | Hope, Homes, & Humanity
Tammy Hogan | Safe Haven For Children
Connie Ray | Growing Our Future
Debbie Handlson | Guidance Through Grief
Erin Anderson | Cultivate, Educate, Celebrate
Sarah Barr | A Network of Neighborhood Support
Melissa Smith | Living Life to the Fullest
Erin Gomez | Necessities for Life
Hermine Bernstein | Combating Childhood Hunger