Ryan Fletcher
Host, StoryAthlete Podcast

A drum BEATS inside of all of us. Some hear it. And answer that call. Some don’t. StoryAthlete is for the 5% of the population who feels called to “Become…” something more. Of the people reading this, 95% are dominated by their Lesser Self. Likely, over-weight and out-of-shape. Likely, underachieving as a provider. Likely, scared of, or unwilling to commit to change because it’s hard. StoryAthletes, though, are different. We decided we are done living a life that is beneath us. We want to change. We know it is hard. We know it takes Grit. Sacrifice. And discipline. We know results are slow to come. Through living a Challenge-Based Life, though, in accord to the 51-Word Code, StoryAthletes choose to change their behaviors, through changing their beliefs, by changing the story we tell our self. Lesser Self vs. Heroic Self. The only person stopping you is you. When you change the story, you change the beliefs, and thus, you change the outcome. Being vs. Becoming. StoryAthlete is a TRIBE of people committed to “Becoming…” their best self. Where each day, with every struggle, we become harder to kill; mentally, physically, financially.