Our Story

A single mother of two, Carol thought she found her “Prince Charming”. Not long after they met, he moved into her house and began controlling her every move. After three months of control and verbal abuse, the beatings started. Carol’s beating left her with broken bones, bruises all over her body, and in a coma. The final brutal act was the most vicious, her abuser kidnapped her after she asked him to leave the house. He drove her around the beltway for hours, pounding her head into the dashboard, causing her to go in and out of consciousness, she thought she was going to die. Carol was able to flee and called 911. Working with police officers and domestic violence advocates at the Center, she was taken to a safe house until her abuser was arrested. He was convicted of malicious wounding, assault, and kidnapping and sentenced to 50 years in prison. Carol went on to earn a degree in social work and continues to help victims of domestic violence. Approximately 145,000 women experience domestic violence in Northern VA each year and many will turn to the Center for help. In 2021, the Center provided 797 victims with life-saving services.

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