Our Story

We are actively engaged in hurricane Florence relief efforts, we have been engaged since September 9 2018. We have assisted and cooperated with volunteers groups all of the United States. From communication, networking, mapping, logisitics, running an evac shelter which supported 30 special needs women and kids, to a warehouse that to date continues to support our locals. We are also working in Robeson county where we are currently awaiting approval for a golden leaf Grant that will enable us to help repair homes and get people off the streets and out of motels. We are working to setup a food bank in new Hanover county as well as Robeson county enabling us to support new Hanover county, Brunswick county, Pender county Robeson county all with efficiency and practicality by making sure there is little to no waste with sponsors and donors supplies and finances. Wilmington response started during hurricane Harvey where we brought six box trucks to Katy Texas after partnering with many locals who collected the funds and supplies. Since then we have responded to Harvey, Maria Irma, local fires, and Florence.

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