Our Story

We are a non-profit committed to loving and caring for families well and equipping them with faith and research-based parenting tools to help them break out of generational parenting cycles of poor and broken parenting habits. We partner with local churches and community centers to offer parenting classes to families of all sorts, but we aim to primarily serve under-resourced families and families raising children with trauma backgrounds (typically foster and adopted children). Our aim is to foster connection and build trust and rapport in the context of those classes and build supportive long-term relationships with those parents, garnering the support of other like-minded organizations to wrap around the family and tend to other needs they have to begin to thrive instead of merely survive the day to day. All of us on staff are nationally certified trainers using research and evidence-based curriculums aimed at creating a spirit of cooperation and connection with our kids. We also offer spiritual encouragement and insight into how we can draw from God’s heart as we navigate the ups and downs of parenting. It is our highest aim to encourage and equip every unique family that He created and brings across our path.

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