Our Story

Think back for a moment, to the most agonizing day of your life. Now tweak it, ever so gently. Imagine how differently you would have felt if you had had a community there, ready to alleviate the smaller, disparate parts of your burden so you could focus on tackling the massive issue, the one so heavy and suffocating that you sometimes had to remind yourself to draw breath. That is what The Dragonfly Foundation is about, and we can’t move fast enough to help all of the families who need our help. The biggest issue our families face is black and white, life or death: This is what people know about cancer. But what you rarely hear about are all of the attendant issues that weigh on the entire family for decades to come: the sleepless nights given over to worry; the relationships that fray and then snap due to grief or lack of support; the long-term psychological and physical aftereffects of treatment; the second and third mortgages taken out to stave off bankruptcy. Dragonfly relieves the emotional, relational and practical challenges of cancer. We live to provide understanding, support, resources and opportunities families will rely and reflect on for years to come.

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