Our Story

Superhero Training and Supply, Inc. is a non-profit social-emotional learning organization using yoga, mindfulness, and creative arts for youth to address depression, anger, anxiety and stress. Why are we called Superheroes? Superheroes use their abilities and strengths to help those in need. We train students (and adults!) to be superheroes by learning about their brains as well as breathing and movement techniques so they can help others. Our origin story begins in 2014 with an 8th grader whose panic attacks progressed to generalized anxiety and clinical depression. Counseling, psychiatry, and mediation helped but this superhero needed to be empowered to take care of herself. The book 10% Happier and a podcast episode featuring the Holistic Life Foundation supplies the information, then tools and skills to self-regulate. Superhero Training was officially a nonprofit and in the fall of 2016 we started helping students in the Hammond schools. We’ve provided teacher training sessions in Northwest I Diana, Chicago, and Alabama and after school Superhero Training for students. We’ve earned certification to teach yoga to individuals in urban settings. In May of 2019, trainer Robin Sizemore received certification in Applied Neuroplasticity from Butler. So now we teach superheroes and their adults about how their brains work.


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