Our Story

Nearly 40% of special needs families report that caring for a loved one prevents them from working. Consequently, thousands of families are wrought with financial hardship, no time, and inadequate resources needed to provide minimum care. Faced with these challenges, many families are forced to make the difficult decisions that prioritize financial stability over quality and safety of care. ShareCare Network seeks to fill this gap and provides a platform for special needs families to exchange free respite care services. Our goal is to unite the community and create connections between families that work tirelessly to provide care for disabled loved ones. This assists families not only physically, but emotionally, financially, and mentally. Families who are approved through an application process and background check participate in a shared calendar where they can request care or sign up to fill another family’s care need. We also have a core of trusted network volunteers to provide respite. We heavily rely upon volunteers and donations from the surrounding community, which support functions such as: application review, technology maintenance, legal fees, insurance, marketing, regulatory fees, and other discretionary expenses.

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