Our Story

Seva (SAY-VA) means “selfless service”, and that’s what it took to get through the first few months after adopting our first Pit Bull from a shelter. It so was rough, we wondered what we got ourselves into! So we read every book and went to every seminar we could find. Seva’s love was our driving force; worth every minute we spent on studying. Eventually we understood she wasn’t a bad dog, she was just misunderstood. Over time, Seva soon became a true ambassador who played nice with other dogs, walked great on leash and even began sleeping with our cat. Our hearts were shattered when we lost Seva in a tragic car accident. Mending the pieces began by helping the Seva’s in our local shelter. We started bringing them home one by one to train and find homes. Soon, the requests for help came from all over. We began working for other rescues and sharing what we learned with dog owners in our community. From there, with the support and encouragement of our friends and mentors, SevaDog was born! Since 2013, our rescue has been home to over 30 dogs and ran by a single mom, her kids, and community volunteers.

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