Our Story

Established in 2001, School Garden Project of Lane County delivers Science in the Garden educational programs to 1,500 students in 19 local schools in Eugene 4J, Bethel, and Springfield School Districts. In addition to teaching science lessons and reinforcing that science knowledge through fun activities in our garden classroom, our students learn the basics of gardening and growing their own food. During each class our young scientists have an opportunity to taste a vegetable that they have helped grow in the garden. As 13 of our 19 schools are Title 1A schools and located in communities that are considered high poverty, low income areas, our class may be the only opportunity that a student may have to taste fresh vegetables. Last school year we delivered educational programming to 1516 students. According to our pre and post assessments, 88% of our students demonstrated an increase in science knowledge, 69% of our students reported trying more vegetables, and 67% of our students reported an increased affinity for vegetables. School Garden Project is committed to a future in which all children become knowledgeable, healthy adults who understand the basics of growing food, can apply science principles to garden ecosystems, steward the natural world, eat fruits and vegetables, and contribute to a thriving community.


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