Our Story

Our mission to serve at-risk youth was born in 1977 when as a police officer in Miami. I realized a difference can be made if all kids are offered equal support and opportunity. After retiring I started an outreach soccer program after recognizing kids in underserved communities do not have the same opportunity to play due to cost. That program has now grown to 1000 kids in partnership with the Wilmington Hammerheads Youth Soccer Association. After discovering that the leading cause of death for 16-25 yr olds was car crashes, we started the StreetSafe Lifesaving Experience which has spread across NC serving approx. 10,000 families a year and 15 Judicial Districts. Due to the success of StreetSafe we were asked, by local District Attorneys, to provide an Alcohol/Drug Education Program and Spanish Language StreetSafe Program. We’ve recently initiated our Life Skills program to provide kids the information needed to be successful. All of our programs serve at-risk youth offering opportunities for all kids to be successful and to further keep our communities safe. We also do a number of free high school sessions, community college programs, assist SADD with their annual conference, the Boy Scouts Merit Badge College and help the Virginia State Police with their “Yovaso” summer program conference.

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