Our Story

Since 2006 Royal Family KIDS Temecula (RFK) has been creating lasting positive memories for children of abuse, neglect and abandonment in foster care. Through the efforts of our 100% volunteer staff we are changing the trajectory of the their lives through our one week summer and camp and our nine month mentoring program. We provide a safe environment where they can be a kid again while enjoying such firsts in their lives like, swimming, riding a bike, sleeping in their own bed with their own pillow and blanket. Every child will experience a birthday party, many for the very first time. To see a child who arrives for the first time scared and timid. By the next morning smiling, running, playing and engaged is such an incredible part of Royal Family KIDS. When they feel safe they will share their story, and when they share their story there is healing and hope. These children have seen the worst from the people who are supposed to love them the most. We believe by introducing them to unconditional love and restore hope into their lives we can break the cycle of abuse and neglect that holds them so tightly.

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