Our Story

Thessalonika Family Services works to break the generational cycle of child abuse and poverty through programs offering struggling single mothers with young children and young adults formerly living in foster care a chance to get on their feet and thrive within our community. Empowerment Village houses struggling single moms and children while Project Independence houses young adults with a history of child abuse. We provide a safe, stable home, employment readiness, financial and parenting classes, and individual coaching to help them achieve their personal goals. Scholarships provide Riverside County former foster youth a chance to pursue their career goals through financial assistance and mentoring. Children’s Enrichment provides financial support for children and single mothers to help overcome barriers related to childcare, transportation, or children’s educational opportunities. Rancho Damacitas is 100% donor-funded and is not funded through the government to provide these services, which leads to the organization’s ability to directly address the unique needs of the populations served and provide long-term solutions to homelessness and poverty plaguing single parents and former foster youth. Our vision for the children, moms and young adults is to leave our program stronger, healthier, and educated to become self-sufficient, successful, contributing members of our community.

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