Our Story

In the Spring of 2018–inspired by the endless tragedies in their community and the films ANONYMOUS PEOPLE and GENERATION FOUND–a group of residents in Frederick, Maryland recognized the need for safe, educational, and social options for young people beginning their journey in recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders. Investigating the need for recovery education and alternative peer groups in the Frederick area, the group made two initial findings: First, schools that offer safe harbor to protect a recovery lifestyle and provide quality education are nonexistent. Second, very few substance abuse treatment programs for adolescents exist. Members of the group met with officials of the National Association for Recovery Schools and visited a recovery school in Philadelphia to help determine strategies and goals. By July 2018, the group had organized a mission, vision, and goals. In 2020, we opened Maryland’s only recovery high school, Phoenix Recovery Academy. We provide a quality, MSDE nonpublic school-approved education to high school students in a safe, judgment-free environment. We support the whole family by providing support groups, peer recovery meetings, assistance with finding local resources, connect with local organizations and businesses in our community.

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