Our Story

OFSMS was founded by Ed Peisner in 2017 after his teenage son, Jordan, was viciously assaulted and left with lifelong debilitating injuries. Sadly the attacker’s friend filmed the assault and uploaded it to social media where it lives forever online and has been viewed by thousands. Ed resolved to ensure that no other child had to suffer such an ordeal. Through advocacy, education, and technology, OFSMS protects families in these ways: EDUCATION: OFSMS has developed curriculum to teach students, parents, and educators essential social media safety skills. Through our classes in K-12 schools and our partnership with D.A.R.E. International, our curriculum is now taught in schools internationally. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: OFSMS works on technology that provides real-time defenses against social media-related dangers. We review, inform the public about, and help design software that can mitigate social media-related risks. ADVOCACY: OFSMS advocates at all levels of government for nonpartisan public policies that will better protect social media users. We helped pass the nation’s first law, Jordan’s Law in California, to deter social media-motivated violence. We are advocating for national groundbreaking legislation to protect families from dangers like cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, hate speech, and substance abuse.

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