Our Story

Oregon Community Programs is a private, nonprofit mental and behavioral health provider for children and families. All our services are research-based with a special emphasis on the delivery of specialized foster care for youth in child welfare or juvenile justice systems. While the regular Oregon foster care system is strained with overcrowded homes, our program emphasizes the placement of only one or two youth in homes that we train and support ourselves with 24/7 on-call availability. We know that the best foster parent is supported foster parent, and we will even show up at their house at 2am if there is a need! Children and young people in our programs receive layers of service that support their long term success by practicing the skills they need to return to their biological family, a relative, an adoptive family, or another caring mentor. Though most of our clients have been in multiple foster homes prior to entering our programs, we strive to be their last stop on the way to permanency.

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