Our Story

Operation Silver Star was started to honor our three combat veteran sons who served in Iraq between 2008 and 2009, all of whom suffer from PTSD and one of whom came back as an amputee. Our family stopped what we were doing (work and life) and went to my son’s bedside as he recovered after being wounded in Bayji Iraq where his unit was attacked outside of their FOB in 2008. As we were at Balboa Naval Medical Center, we noticed that there were some wounded soldiers and Marines who were recovering much slower than our son. We noticed these were soldiers and Marines who’s family could not be by their bedside for an extended period of time. Two years later, my wife Delia and I decided to help these wounded military members by raising funds to help their families stay by their side for longer than they could. The mission soon added help for “Table Top” needs such as paying for their utilities, food, clothing, car/home repair/payments when they are in dire need of assistance and for Caregivers who need help coping with taking care of their veterans. We are a 501c3 that depends on the hearts and minds of those who are like-minded in our mission.

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