Our Story

Our vision: We believe in a world where every woman feels empowered. We are a small but passionate group in Silicon Valley on a mission to end poverty for women by restoring dignity and hope. Our story: When a group of women sit around a table, open up their hearts and minds their power grows. When that happens, amazing things transpire; they begin to believe in a world with possibilities. onRoute22 provides the vehicle through empowerment groups, community engagement, social enterprise and more. The group dynamic allows for relationships to be fostered, builds community and helps create accountability. Many of the women onRoute22 have been impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, mental health issues and trauma. We provide a safe space and loving community that they can turn to for support with daily and crises situations. Our onRoute22 mission is to empower but the conversation is often dominated by the women’s lack of financial resources for basic needs. We started the social enterprise, Social-E, to begin addressing this overwhelming hurdle, teach skills of self-sufficiency, and map a future that includes planning and financial stability.

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