Our Story

Not One More is a nonprofit founded in Simi Valley California. Our team consists of people who are passionate about every aspect of addiction and recovery. We have various members of our board with different experiences helping to connect with people in any aspect of addiction; whether they’re a family member, an addict in recovery or someone who may find themselves in the early stages of peer pressure. We also touch on many pressing issues such as bullying and social media influence. Our goal is to help promote prevention and education so that people know the consequences of going down this path. We speak to adolescents in elementary, middle school, high schools and colleges. Our belief is to express the importance of arming these adolescents with information and promoting prevention. Not One More reaches out to parents so they know we support them and are here for them, caring for their experiences and questions as well. Often, adolescents and parents in these trying times wonder who to turn to? Who can they seek support and information from? Not One More! We are here. We are listening. To make an impact and a difference on a delicate subject.

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