Our Story

Mission of Mercy was founded in 1994 to “restore dignity, healing through Love” to those who are marginalized in society. We accomplish our mission by providing healthcare, dental care and medications free to all those in need. As a volunteer-driven, healthcare organization we continue to observe miracles in our patients’ lives through the love, compassion and medical care that we, through generous donations, provide for them. Additionally, through the support of over 45 local medical professionals and non-medical volunteers, we serve at two clinic sites: the Frederick Church of the Brethren and Brunswick’s Faith Baptist Church, those with chronic health issues who are uninsured and underinsured and who “fall through the cracks” of our healthcare system. Our patients are sick and suffering and daily make difficult decisions to utilize their meager funds to purchase food, pay rent or obtain their necessary healthcare. Coming to Mission of Mercy affords them the opportunity to utilize their money for these other necessities while simultaneously maintaining their health. Since 1994, Mission of Mercy has treated over 16,400 medical and dental patients who have visited our Frederick clinics over 81,000 times—all without government funding.

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