Our Story

Everyday in the US more than 9000 teenagers build a fantasy relationship on the Internet with a stranger and are lured and coerced into sending an illicit or sexual photo to someone they believe is their new love. They are then bullied, harassed, threatened and verbally degraded by pedophiles. It is called Sextortion. It is the fastest growing crime in the US affecting teens. For many teens their first sexual experience will be a virtual sexual experience. It is often shame-based.It will form their sexual identity for the rest of their lives. A recent study suggests 58% of teens will meet their Internet predator in person. Many are raped, exploited or trafficked. Million Kids sits with parents of missing and exploited teens. We educate thousands of teens about how the Internet is used by pedophiles and predators to exploit them. We have educated more than 250,000 individuals. We want to create a documentary to provide to schools throughout the US for free about how the Internet is designed and how predators use specific apps and game chat rooms to violate teenagers and how to become a leader for the next generation of Internet users. It is urgent and critical.

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