Our Story

Originally a city shelter, the Meridian Canine Rescue has a long history in Idaho. The organization became a private 501c3 nonprofit and adopted the name “Meridian Valley Humane Society,” moving into a small commercial suite on Linder Road in 2013. After outgrowing that space, the group moved to a bigger property on Scenery Lane in February 2017. The new facility includes play yards, exam and quarantine rooms, and better walking paths for volunteers and dogs. Around the time of the move, the organization refined its purpose and became the “Meridian Canine Rescue.” MCR has grown considerably since 2017. That growth has come with its share of struggles. There are never enough hours in the day, never enough volunteers, never enough money — and always there are more dogs in need. But stories like Madden’s remind us why we’re here. For every struggle, there’s a happy ending: a dog like Toast who just needed someplace to call home for a while, who needed people to stop and care. MCR’s mission is to save lives through storytelling and education. We hope you’ll support our dogs because you, too, care about the Kips of this world. Because no dog should walk alone.

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