Our Story

Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates volunteers are family members who advocate for prevention, education and quality treatment for individuals who suffer with drug addiction and co-occuring mental health and substance use disorders. As local mothers, we joined forces as a necessity in order to save our own children from their addiction to opioids and other drugs. Some of our children are in recovery, some are still suffering and to our dismay some have passed away due to their disease. We provide resources, services and funding for those affected and their families. We’ve hosted 8 specific fundraisers to provide Christmas gifts to the residents of local recovery homes. In Christmas 2019 we gave gifts of hope to 402 people in early recovery! Our support has helped countless community members with clothing, food, housing, employment, and beyond. We also funded and organized the overdose awareness sign at the Frederick County Detention Center which alerts residents of the number of overdoses and overdose fatalities. This sign educates our community members of the importance of carrying Narcan and the message that “Addiction Recovery is Possible and Treatment is Effective”. Our dedication and passion as volunteer advocates saving lives and saving families from the traumas we have personally endured.

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