Our Story

Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County (MRCFC) has been an integral partner and resource for many in the Frederick community for nearly 15 years. Our mission of building strong marriages, families, and communities continues as we equip and encourage individuals, couples, and families to develop and foster healthy relationships that last a lifetime. Why does this matter? The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (1998) completed by Kaiser and the Centers for Disease Control, surveyed 17,500 adults about their history of exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); these include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; physical or emotional neglect; parental mental illness, substance dependence, incarceration; parental separation or divorce; or domestic violence. One in eight of the U.S. population has four or more ACEs. In Frederick County, one in four have four or more ACEs. ACEs drive people’s thoughts and behaviors. MRCFC has become the “go to” organization in Frederick County for explanation and teaching regarding ACEs, while partnering with other NFPs and helping others understand the origins of their wounds and to heal. This understanding helps build and RE-build strong relationships and the resilience necessary to face future challenges. The cycle of negativity stops here and MRCFC provides a solution.

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