Our Story

Lump to Laughter is dedicated to providing support for those diagnosed with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. No one should have to choose whether to pay their mortgage or pay for costs associated with the treatment of breast cancer. No one should ever hear “You have cancer”, without emotional support. Through our Angel Fund, we are stopping evictions, foreclosures and paying necessary household expenses thereby preserving home-life for the entire family when a parent is in treatment and can no longer work. The majority of our clients are low to moderate-income with 40% of our clients being single parents. The Financial Impact of Breast Cancer Treatment is overwhelming and has become an epidemic. Statistics proving the devastation are many. Here are just a few: 37% are still in debt (10 years after treatment)– and 23% nearly went broke. 36% report losing their job or being unable to work due to a disability caused by treatment. 36% report losing their job or being unable to perform it due to debilitations from treatment (more than 20% lost a job, more than 16 % became disabled from treatment and couldn’t work, 8% were demoted, 15% were forced to switch careers.). Survey results performed by The Pink Fund.
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