Our Story

Little Hands Can, a nonprofit founded in 2015, is made up of passionate volunteers wanting to make a difference. We believe that by encouraging kindness and helpfulness in our children early on, we can lay the foundation for a future generation who is more thoughtful and altruistic. Our mission is to inspire and empower children to better their community by connecting them with easily accessible service opportunities. We do this by collaborating with local nonprofits to plan age-appropriate and free service projects that any child in the community can participate in. Some of our partners include: Ronald McDonald House Charities, Eugene Mission, Womenspace, Greenhill Humane Society, Waterford Grand Assisted Living, Positive Community Kitchen and Northwest Dog Project. We run 5 programs that allow for different types of outreach because we believe that community service should be fun, engaging, and promote stimulating discussion around topics such as diversity, inclusion, poverty and the environment. At Little Hands Can we see every week how even the simplest acts of kindness can have a significant, positive impact on our community and we know that with the support from impact club we will be able to continue to create opportunities for children to make a difference.

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