Our Story

The Literacy Council teaches about 260 adults each year in individual tutoring and classes – helping them learn the reading and English language skills they need to support their families and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. This is one student’s story: I moved to Frederick in 2012 with my children. I had to take care of the family and the housework: washing, cleaning, cooking and taking care of my grandchildren. I was happy to do all the work by myself, but there was no time for me to improve my English language. Time passed. The children finished their studies and left home after they got jobs, and I was alone at home: no children or grandchildren, no relatives and after I finished cleaning no more housework. I stayed at home bound to the window, watching people pass by the street going back and forth. Before I joined this class, I didn’t know much about other cultures, but now I realize that humans have more in common than you would think and that there really are just slight cultural differences among us. [The Literacy Council] helped me be able to read books, magazines, internet, understand T.V. news and programs, make phone calls and answer calls easily.

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