Our Story

Everyone learns differently. We understand. Lee Pesky struggled with a learning disability throughout his life. He and his family faced numerous obstacles to finding the right learning supports and ensuring his academic success. But once the right services were found, Lee was able to succeed and thrive. When Lee unexpectedly passed away in 1995, his family founded Lee Pesky Learning Center to serve as a beacon for other families who experience similar challenges. LPLC strives to create a pathway to learning for everyone. We provide one-on-one academic and counseling interventions, comprehensive learning evaluations, and teacher professional development to support the one in five students with learning and attention challenges. And because we know there are still many unanswered questions about these challenges, we’ve partnered with Boise State University’s College of Education to conduct cutting-edge research and offer a graduate level special education teacher preparation program. At Lee Pesky Learning Center, we work together with families, teachers, and communities to understand and overcome obstacles to learning.

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